Pet Peeve: Getting Surprises

I don’t get unhappy very often, even on my bad days I’m still mildly happy. One of the only things in life that can bring me from happy to irritated in .5 seconds is surprising me. I DESPISE BEING SURPRISED. Most people around me have realized this and do their best to accommodate it. My bosses give me advanced notice about meetings, things I need to do, appointments, etc. My family has me make up a Gift List of things that I’d want if they insist on getting me something, this way they feel like it’s a surprise and I’m not dreading it’s going to be one of those stupid snake containers.
Today I was “surprised” at lunch. I woman from I hadn’t seen since my senior year of college came up to me and decided to make her rear at home at my table. I don’t mind eating with someone if it’s planned in advance, I just prefer to have my meals in peace with a good book and eat at my leisure. That wasn’t going to be the case today. The next question out of her mouth was one that I’ve been hearing a lot over the past 10 months “You’re so skinny now! How much did you lose? How much do you weigh?!?” Then the guessing starts…”190?…170?…Are you a size 14?” You’ve just surprised the snot out of me and I’m contemplating taking my delicious lunch to the park in a To-Go box, why in the world am I going to tell you how much I weigh? I’m more skinny, that’s all you need to know. The questions still surprise me, I feel like I’m old news. If you insist on joining someone for lunch, at least ask them if it’s okay to join them. Believe it or not, some of us don’t want surprise guests dining with us.

Moral of the post: I can’t stand surprises, don’t give me any surprise parties, don’t surprise me by showing up at my work, don’t come up with a big secret scheme to propose marriage to me, don’t surprise me by showing up at the gym and asking to be my workout buddy, just behave yourself and plans things with me in advance. If you want to “surprise” me, send me an email or a text, those are okay 🙂 On the flipside, I enjoy giving surprises, I plan like there is no tomorrow and execute them wonderfully. No one is safe from getting surprises from me, just don’t ever give me one.

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