ISFJ? You got the job.

A few weeks ago I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test and my result was ISFJ. I didn’t fully understand my result, but I thought it was fun being compared to Mother Teresa and being in a select group of 9-14% who get this result.

I know I'm not nearly as great as she is, but even being compared to her in the slightest makes me smile.

I love helping people and tend to have my fingers in several jobs at once. I recently applied for yet another job. The interview wasn’t like most of my other ones, the woman kept talking about how she was looking for someone with a certain disposition and preferred that over their formal background. She asked if I had ever taken the Myers-Briggs test and what my result was. I told her, and her eyes lit up…kinda scary. She stared at me for a few seconds, glowing. Finally she said “you’re hired, you’re exactly what I’m looking for.” As it turns out, she herself is an ISFJ and when we talked about it, she actually has a lot of the traits I do. She told me some of her habits and asked if I do them as well, which I do. She mentioned how she acts in social situations usually, which I also shared. She did ask about highs and lows and I didn’t have an answer to that one, I have no idea where to find that bit of info, but I did save my score and percentages so hopefully upon further research I will be able to find my highs and lows.
The moral of the post? Find out your Personality Type! I had no idea it was as common as it is. People on dating sites are starting to post their results, companies are/might be starting to use this to find candidates, and it’s just fun to see if it fits you at all, almost like the Zodiac/Astrological Sign things.
Here’s the link to the online test I took. I just trolled Wikipedia after got my result to try to find more info. There’s even some websites out there that can tell you your best match for friendship, relationships, and even those to avoid. Don’t trust them completely though, some of them tell me to avoid my friends and family that I’ve known for years. Take the test, you’ll be glad you did and maybe it will come in handy for you like it did for me!

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