My Map of the USA/MO

Last week, I drew a map of the USA/MO for Jamey. He posed a challenge of sorts to his blog readers and I just couldn’t pass it up. I put a picture of my map here for you, but go check it out on his blog and see what others are saying about it.

This is my map, I think I'm map #3, 7 more and we can get Jamey drunk and make him draw his own. Submit one to him, please!!

I had reasons of my own for doing it:
1) Any reason to harass Jamey is fun because he takes it so well (and just between us, I think he enjoys it sometimes…freak).
2) The chance of a drunk and vulnerable man is hard to pass up, even if I’m not around when he’s drunk.
3) Jamey actually modified the original rules(having alcohol in you to not having to have any in you) and it secretly felt like he did that to include me, aww sweet.
4) Excuses to use crayons as an adult are always a good thing and should be taken advantage of immediately. There is always time for coloring with crayons. Always.
5) Even though my map will be posted, mocked, etc., it’s still somewhat anonymous so no one in reality would know I was the map creator, I’ve never met any of these people.

Side note: I was so happy this morning, I was getting ready and I had just come out of the shower when I heard it: Pink Panther music. I didn’t know they still showed those old cartoons! He was on and his awesome creeper theme music was on. Since I was the only one home, I did my awful white girl dancing and wiggling, wrapped in only a towel. Yes, I even hummed along with the music. Does that count as a morning workout? Even if it doesn’t, it made me start my day with a smile. Score.

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