Confession: I write the WORST emails

Some people have a knack for good writing. Essays, stories, poems, blogs, you get the idea. They probably also write wonderful emails to people. I am not one of these talented people. I’ve written countless (okay, 47) letters to men I’m interested in getting to know on a certain dating site and none of them have replied. These letters have all been read according to the system. At first I was hoping that maybe the site ate all the letters the men were trying to send me, wishful thinking.
I ended up re-reading the letters I wrote to see if maybe I said something offensive. Well, I wasn’t offensive, but good lord I’m weird! I give the worst compliments, I wrote a whole email to a guy about how beautiful his eyebrows were…eyebrows. In another email I challenged a guy to jog with me at Creve Coeur park sometime and threatened that the loser gets pushed into the lake. I also mentioned that I wouldn’t be the loser. Anyway just imagine 40 something other emails like that and you get the point.

No, Amanda! Don't email the poor guy! Leave them be!

My emails to new people or people I am interested in are long, awkward, strange, and scary. I would be nervous to reply back to one of my emails if a stranger sent me it. The sad thing is, when I first wrote and proofread them, I thought they were amazing, eye-catching, and worthy of a response. The only response they warrant is the block/hide button. I can’t even blame my lack of writing skills on alcohol, I rarely drink and even then I only do it in social situations.
How have I managed to get responses back from known friends? Good question! Maybe it’s because those emails are short, usually asking or answering a question, and those people also know me. My family writes me and I write back, but maybe we are all genetically weird so our emails seem normal to one another.
Since this new discovery, am I going to change how I am? Probably not since when I first write and re-read them I find them wonderful. If I save them I will chicken out and not send the email, so that’s not an option. The world needs awful email writers like me, it gives the regular people out there that we send them to something to think about 🙂 Agree?

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