Happiness:Renaissance Faires/Pirate Festivals

Few things in life make me happy days before they happen. Ren Faires and Pirate Fests are 2 of those things. I love everything about them. The costumes, characters, humor, activities, sights and sounds, food, the flirting and bribing, and the shows. I go every year, with or without someone tagging along, it’s a great place to people watch.
The acts are hilarious and always make me smile. I’m not normally an outgoing person in crowds of strangers, except for these gatherings. I turn into a laughing, clapping, cheering, singing, back-talking lunatic that the performers publicly call out to in front of everyone…and I love it. When I first enter and get my map of the place, I immediately turn to the performer page and plan out my time there around the acts I drove an hour and 15 minutes to see. My favorites? Molotov the flame retardant gypsy, Axel the Sot, Sword Swallowers, and Pirate Shantyman with Bonnie Lass. The songs are silly and usually perverted, the jokes always have a sexual undertone, and any male in a costume will wink at you or flirt if he’s not busy. The whole atmosphere just makes me smile and whatever was on my mind is temporarily gone. Do you partake in these festivals? Do you want someone to go with you? Let me know! Anytime works for me!

*Sidenote* Wish me luck and send me prayers! I’m running in a 5K Race tonight in New Town/St. Charles. I’m hoping to turn in my best time ever, I’ve been training hard for this one and really working on my pace as opposed to my distance. I’ve also never jogged at night before, wooo good times ahead! Perfect ending to an already fantastic day.

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