Happiness: My Parents

This is going to sound weird coming from a 27 year old, but I LOVE my parents. I get excited to see them all the time even though they don’t live far away and I see them on a regular basis. They both have good and bad points like all people, but their flaws are hardly noticeable. They work so well together, it’s like God deliberately made them strictly for one another. They’ve been married for over 34 years(anniversary was May 1st) and they appear to be just as in love with each other as when they were dating. Sometimes They will be relaxing together or watching TV and I come in and it makes me smile to see them hugging or snuggling. Other times when they are being “romantic” it makes me blush, turn away, or tell them to get a room. Their reply is that they have a whole house, such a sense of humor. I know you’re not supposed to base your own relationship off of others, but I would ultimately like something that resembles their relationship. There’s still arguing(once a year if even that) and problems like all relationships, but they handle things so well that the happy times greatly outweigh the not so fun times. I love how they focused on themselves and being in love and together for the first or so years of marriage. A lot of people are in this rush to reproduce the second the wedding is over instead of focusing on the love of your life, the one you just married. My parents didn’t know if they wanted children at first, they just knew that they loved each other and wanted to be together forever. You might be thinking “so they are good together, but what does each bring to the table”? I can do that, we can go there.
Dad: Good guy, respects people, awesome at fixing things around the house and on cars, breadwinner of the 2, isn’t afraid to tell you things you might not want to hear, likes things clean, likes being healthy, didn’t date much until Mom entered the picture, stubborn but means well, active in church, loves watching sports, handsome and photogenic, likes rock and roll music and whatever the cool kids are listening to nowadays, opinionated sometimes and doesn’t always get the full story first, accommodates his schedule for family if need be, protective, tells some awful and groan worthy jokes, disciplinary parental figure, there for his family always.
Mom: sweetest person you’ll ever meet, friendly, social and talkative, honest, very pretty but not photogenic, had boyfriends and dated some before Dad entered the picture, homemaker, takes care of the family including extended, puts everyone’s happiness and health before her own, loves pets, needs help killing spiders, attends church every Sunday and makes sure her family does too, excellent cook, silly sense of humor and loves to joke around, someone you can trust, went to college for nursing and can diagnose family members’ sicknesses with 90% accuracy before going in to the doctor, loves crafts, enjoys romantic comedies and dirty romance novels, easy listening/soft rock junkie.
Both different but amazing in their own ways, bring them together and they are the greatest ever. Here’s to my parents, my inspiration, my role models. One of the biggest Happiness-es in my life.

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