Isn’t she lovely?

Oh man, there’s a hot girl right there! Look at her, look at those eyes, they’re a beautiful green. Yes, I said green, not brown or blue like a lot of people, a nice emerald green. Check out that hair, boy that’s some curly hair. Perm job? Nope, it’s naturally curly and amazingly soft to the touch, mmm imagine running your fingers through her silky tresses, or gently pushing a curl out of her eyes.
God did a really great job on her didn’t he? Oh hey, check out her neckline…the cross necklace! I bet she’s a Christian or something. Yeah she is, she even attends church on a regular basis. Score, maybe she’s one of those naughty church girls, maybe, let’s wait and see. Wow, look at the chest area, they look fantastic from here, wonder what they look like without the shirt. Settle down, let’s examine that later. Check out those hips! Wow she’s curvy, but definitely not fat. She’s a jogger, she’s gotta be in pretty decent shape then. Imagine how those hips would feel up against yours, mmmm I bet she’d like it too. Easy, easy now, mustn’t get all worked up over a girl. She’s probably taken, right? Nope…wait, what? Nope, she’s single. Do you think she’s crazy? Maybe she’s got issues, or gets clingy to a guy. Negative.
I fibbed right there. She supposedly has a “boyfriend”, they have been together for 4 weeks now. I bet he sees her frequently, I bet he can’t keep his hands and eyes off her. Negative again, she’s only seen him 3 times since they’ve been going steady. Interesting, you know if she was my girlfriend I’d make dang sure she was satisfied and happy. If she was my girlfriend I’d frequently have my hands and eyes on her, no way would I want some other man thinking that even for a second she was single. The boyfriend must call her frequently, or text her a lot to make sure she’s happy and thinking of him. Not so much, she’s only gotten a phone call from him once this week(5 minute conversation) and if she’s lucky he might text her once a day. A text, a simple, little text just to check up her and ask her how her day is and make her feel a bit special. She got one from the boyfriend on Saturday. It’s Monday and she hasn’t gotten anything since. Poor girl, she probably feels neglected, she’s probably wondering if this is what love is supposed to feel like. She doesn’t even demand a lot of time from said boyfriend, she would be content with meeting up once a week for a couple hours. She has a life, job, family, pets, friends, she doesn’t need to see boyfriend constantly. Calls and texts work for her, they could be once a day and she would be content.
Why wouldn’t you want to meet up with that gorgeous girl at least once a week? She’s probably a good kisser, think of how bad her lips are dying to be kissed. Where the heck is that boyfriend?! If he doesn’t come back soon I’ll have my way with her! He’s about 30 minutes away, he’s working. He works from home, real estate stuff. Can he do it later? Yes indeed. Couldn’t she come over and be there with him? Nope, he refuses to tell her where he lives or let her come over…curious. Maybe he can finish his work and then spend time with her. Sure, problem is that he takes a nap from 3-6pm and then works 6 until 10 or later. She should nap with him, I’d kill to have a hot, young girl like that snuggling with me. No, boyfriend prefers to sleep alone. Poor girl, she must feel like an abandoned animal, wondering what she did wrong to deserve this. She probably didn’t do anything, and he’s probably not a bad guy, he just enjoys working. The sad thing is that he’s probably too busy working to realize that she’s wondering if there is someone better for her out there. She’d never cheat on a guy, but what if she got the courage to go looking for something better for herself and say goodbye to busy “boyfriend”. Do you think she’d find it?
Update (9/16/10): She ended it 8 days ago with him by the way, he said he didn’t trust her anyway and was waiting for the sex. There will be others, she’s back to the drawing board aka Match. She should contact that guy on there that she’s been thinking about, he makes her smile and doesn’t even know it.
I didn’t write this post to be crazy, I just want any future relationships to know that they can trust me and that I don’t demand much in a relationship. I stay out of the way until he needs me, I just enjoy feeling wanted once in awhile.

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