Confession: I’m a crud

I’m a firm believer that everyone is a crud in some way. Some people share food with their pets, others walk around the house with dirty shoes, etc. I was out to lunch with my friend, and she was eating so fast that she ended up saucing her shirt down the front. I’ve slopped stuff on myself before, I can’t cleanly eat spaghetti to save my life, but she was dripping from her mouth down to her shirt. That was a very “crud” moment in my eyes even though I love her dearly.
This got me wondering “what’s my crud behavior”? Not just certain moments in life, but things I do on a regular basis that are seriously cruddy. I found some, and lucky you, I’m going to share them with you.
1. I drink out of the green tea, juice bottles, v8, etc. and don’t always use a cup. I do this when I’m sick or healthy, it doesn’t matter. In an attempt to make it sound less cruddy, I will mention that I clearly label all my bottles. My name is on the caps, sides, and bottoms of the bottles, and I’m the only one in the house who drinks those beverages anyway. I don’t take that kind of liberty with the milk or orange juice.
2. I don’t immediately put my clean clothes away. When my clothes come out of the dryer, I don’t immediately put them in their proper place. Sometimes the laundry basket of my clean clothes stays in my room for a week before I decide to do something with it.
3. I don’t immediately clean up the bathroom after I’m done showering, sometimes it takes me a couple hours to do it. Okay, yes this pretty bad. I know that most people don’t want to see my undergarments on the bathroom floor, but honestly if I’m dating someone this usually isn’t a problem;-)
4. I use my hand as a memo pad. I don’t write big, long speeches on my hand, but if someone calls and wants to meet up later then yes I jot down the time and location. On the plus side I’ve only used permanent marker on rare occasions so usually I can scrub it off when I fulfill the memo.
5. I clean my nails in public, especially when I’m nervous. I’m sure this looks fabulous to whoever I’m on a date with, but usually it’s more of a nervous habit than it is that my nails are truly dirty. If the guy would just take my hand, tell me to stop and not be nervous then things would be fine.
So there you have it, my cruddy behaviors. Are you brave enough to comment and tell me a few of yours?

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