Happiness: Drugs

This is going to sound bad at first, but I love drugs. I’m currently fighting my yearly summer installment of pneumonia and hopefully I’ll be able to cure it before it fully turns. I’m not addicted to drugs I promise you, but when I’m sick they are my best friend.
Right now in my body, there is the Benadryl and Nyquil cocktail that I made, 2 Tylenol, 2 Amoxicillin and the occasional Sucret. Am I my normal self? Absolutely not, I’m about as high as a kite. Do I feel good? Very, except I’m fighting the urge to sleep but Nyquil will overpower me in a few minutes. Drugs make me happy because for a couple hours, I don’t feel the pain. My nose is cleared temporarily, my lungs can breathe, I’m not adding to my pile of Kleenex, and sleep comes easily. I don’t support using drugs on a daily basis, but when I’m sick like today they are a definite happiness.

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