Exercise Addiction

I know that people get addicted to things all the time. Some things even have programs to help those people to not be addicted. Today I was reading an article I came across on active.com(looking for more runs and races to enter) and now it has me a bit worried. The article is on too much exercise and being addicted. I clicked on it and smiled, as if there could ever be too much exercise, please. As I read the article, I realized they were describing me. I’m not skinny by any means, I’m average at best but refer to myself as curvy since I’m a size 16 and still need to drop some weight. I never thought I would become addicted to exercise. They give warning signs:
You are exercising too much if you experience some or all of these signs:
* Making exercise a priority over personal relationships, school,etc.(I do this.)
* Injuries and extreme muscle soreness(good thing my chiropractor loves me.)
* Decreased performance and prolonged recovery time
* Respiratory illnesses and infections
* Exhaustion and irritability(I don’t leave the gym until I’m tired, and I get irritable if I don’t get in a workout.)
* Depression, apathy and loss of concentration
* Sleep disturbances(I wake up every 2-3 hours in the night to see if it’s time to wake up yet…even though my alarm is set.)
* Elevated resting blood pressure and morning heart rate
* Amenorrhea
How many of those do I have? 4 out of the 9, is that bad? I said no, but denial is common for addicts. The article also said “If you are a distance runner (defined as 6 miles or more in a single run and 20-30 (or more) miles in a week).Distance runners are more prone to developing exercise addiction than other athletes”. Who can guess what I am? Who knows how many miles I jog a day? 7 miles, 5 days a week. Technically I’m prone to developing an exercise addiction. Here comes denial again, I’m not addicted to exercise. It’s just a fun activity that I enjoy, and the benefits of it are great. So, am I addicted to exercise just because I get up at 6am to hit the gym and jog the indoor track? Am I addicted because I enter into any race/run within a 30 mile radius? Am I addicted because even after I’ve already worked out for the day, I think about going back in the evening for more? HELLO DENIAL…denial says I’m just fine, silly article doesn’t know what it’s talking about, crazy Dr. person who wrote it must have been on something. Psh, exercise addiction, definitely not true.

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