Pet Peeve: Dog Food Bags

I want to start off by saying that I love my dog and would do almost anything for her…but it just so happens her dog food bag doesn’t meet the standard for my peeve.
So I’m house sitting/pet watching for a friend while she is out of state and one of my jobs is to feed the dog. This wasn’t a problem until said dog finished the last of the already opened bag of food. No problem, there was a new bag of food, unopened, for me to use. My dog’s bag is easy to open, you just pinch the front and back and pull in opposite directions. THIS bag, however, is a beast to open. The top was rolled down and then welded to the bag. There’s a little string sticking out the side. I studied the bag and decided to pull the string…nothing. Examining the bag some more I went back to the string. I pulled every which way, angle, and used as much force as I thought was needed. Stupid bag was having fun flirting with me, it’s on now. Contemplating using a knife or scissors on the bag, I decided against it. I figured if regular people can open this bag then I could too, I can open my own jars so this should be easy for me. I give the bag a glare as it coyly smiles at me, waving it’s white pullstring of doom. I pounce on the bag, grab the string, using upper arm force and giving a warrior scream for good measure I yanked that bag open. Victory? Sure, with the exception that about half the contents of the bag went flying all over the floor and even down the hall. The dog went running for cover under the kitchen table and I was left standing in the middle of the dog food mess, string and bag top still in hand. This design of dog food bag should be banned, all dog foods should be easy to open, no pullstrings necessary.

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