Happiness: Good People on Match

I frequently browse around on Match to see if there is anyone worth contacting, and to see if I actually match up with someone. Usually I’m left disappointed, my “matches” usually don’t know how to spell, construct a proper sentence, or use English. Recently this has changed, I was able to add a couple of gentlemen to my favorites because their profiles on the site spoke to me. Do I match up with them on everything? Nope. Will I contact any of them? Most likely not, I’m shy and we don’t match up on everything anyway. There was one who is adorable, his headline was poetic, almost like something Shakespeare would have said. Usually people, myself included, say something cheesy like “look no further” or “stop and read this”, but not him. His bio slot is equally intriguing, he doesn’t talk about how he likes to get drunk off his butt with his buddies at bars, no mention of his beer pong skills or how he’s wanting a woman with a supermodel body. Some lucky girl will snatch him up, he seems like one of the rare, genuinely good ones.
Why don’t I contact him? I’m not a cigar aficionado for one thing, and to tell you the truth he impresses me so much that I’m a bit intimidated. It’s like someone read your mind and poofed that person to life or pretty dang close to it. He sounds so happy with life, his life sounds complete and him having a girlfriend would just be icing on the cake. That’s how things should be by the way, that’s how I see my life. I love my life, it’s happy and beautiful just how it is…a boyfriend would be an extra blessing but not mandatory. I’ll be fine in life with or without one, but I’d really like one 🙂
The gentleman is just one of the few that I’ve found to be genuinely good men, maybe I should write a blog post about each one of them? and Track them all to see how long it takes each one of them to pull their profiles off Match, meaning they found someone. That would be ultra creepy, it’s bad enough that they can see they are on my favorites list. Have you come across any good people on Match or another dating site? Care to share anything about them and why they captivated you?

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