Happiness: Pineapple Fruit Bars

I’m always looking for the tastiest, lowest calorie treats I can find. Usually I’m disappointed or left feeling like something is missing. My newest find leaves me neither. I feel satisfied and the portion is perfect for me, plus of course it’s low-cal. Say hello to the current love of my love, the Pineapple Fruit Bar from Edy’s. Don’t let the ice cream brand name scare you away! It’s only 80 calories for this monster of a frozen bar. It’s sweet, juicy, yellow and happy, it melts in my mouth and smells like a vacation. It has these awesome chunks of pineapple mixed in, how cool is that?!? Pineapple without the hassle of having to chop up one, I’m sold! Do yourself a favor, go out and try the Pineapple Fruit Bars. 80 little calories of sweet, juicy, satisfying goodness.

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