Have you ever done something you know is wrong? I don’t mean when you’re 5 and you have a cookie before dinner even though Mom said no. Something recent, something that you know is wrong, something that you know you could get caught for doing. I’m doing something wrong right now. I gave my word to someone that I wouldn’t use any online dating sites. What am I doing right now? I’m searching for matches…on match.com, an online personals dating site. Could I get caught by the person I gave my word to? Yes absolutely, it wouldn’t surprise me if they busted me. The scary thing is that I don’t care, my inner rebel WANTS to get caught, I’m thinking how naughty the whole this is and that makes it all the more exhilarating to do it. Am I a psycho? Probably. Am I evil? Most likely, since I deliberately told someone I wouldn’t do something anymore and now I’m doing it. It’s like I’m a meth addict only my drug is online dating websites. What about you, do you ever do something you know is naughty and secretly hope you’ll get caught? Are you on match.com? If you are, do you want to be friends on it? I was insane and signed up for a 6 month deal, anyone else get suckered into that too?

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