Have you ever been fascinated with someone and not known why? Not a relative or a friend, but more like a crush. You check the person’s blog daily, just to make sure they didn’t post anything and a lot of the times you’re so intimidated by the person that you’re afraid to comment. You respect them, and know there’s no way they are your type or that you’re their type, but you still cling to that little piece of hope. You deliberately beat yourself up over the person and wish you could meet him or date him just one time. Even though you’re getting enough dates with wonderful men who would jump at the chance to have a relationship with you, you just can’t help but think about the crush you’ve never met. What’s your problem? You shouldn’t even be crushing on someone you’ve never met! Oh, but it’s so hard to distance yourself from them! You go for a week without checking their blog(which is like a drug addict in rehab, you have withdraws) and the “what if?” game starts taking place in your head. What if he secretly likes me too? What if he’s just too scared to ask me to meet up? Should I tell him I would? NO no no, crazy girl, then you’ll look desperate! So then it’s back to thinking about the man and being fascinated with him but acting like you’re not. Why does he intimidate you so much? Hmm…you’re not sure but he does. He’s just a regular man, he makes mistakes, he’s got flaws, but you still find him irresistible and admire him (creepily I might add) over the computer. What would you do if he found out? Crawl into the deepest, darkest hole you could find probably. Maybe you should do that now since you just went “crazy Manda” on your blog. Yeah, sounds good, nice plan.

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