Passionate Calorie Burning

So today I was looking up ways to burn calories besides my usual running and elliptical machine and stumbled upon some interesting ways to burn calories. Passionate kissing for example would burn about 100 calories an hour. How fun would that be?! You have a nice long make-out session and boom, 100 calories burned.

650 calories burned after they finish.

Something else fun that burns a bunch of calories? Take a guess, it’s naughty, done in private usually… oh yes it’s exactly what you’re thinking, you dirty minded person! Sex for an hour burns about 650 calories, oh man, that would be oodles of fun wouldn’t it? An hour romp with your sweetheart, 650 calories gone, probably good for your lungs and heart as well, so many positives. Now then, I just need the activity partner to help me and I’m all set lol.
Do you know of any interesting ways to burn calories? They don’t have to be dirty, but something besides the regular gym activities would be nice. I love options 🙂

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3 Responses to Passionate Calorie Burning

  1. 650 cals! Whoa. That’s a fun fact. A very fun fact. 🙂

    I don’t have any real creative ways. I just get out on the path and run. I’ve also taken up volleyball since the start of last summer. It’s a very fun way to get a little workout at the end of a workday and have some fun (especially in the non-winter times when it’s on the sand).

    • loveacs says:

      That’s cool how you like volleyball. Volleyball is actually one of those sports that scare me, so I try to avoid actually playing it. Big fan of running though, very exhilarating!

  2. By the way … sweet header icicles in the middle of a nutso heat wave!

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