Awkward Mom conversation–Birth Control

Today I was going shopping with mom. Mom is one of those ladies who shows up early, so of course I wasn’t ready yet and invited her to relax in my room for a few minutes. Things were great, I was coming back to my room to tell her we could go when I heard her gasp.
I entered the room and was greeted by my mother, holding up my birth control pills with the 2 fingered grip. The grip people use when they are holding up something dead.
I felt like I was a teenager who had just been busted for having a guy in her room that her parents didn’t know about.
“Is this birth control? Do you have a boyfriend?!”
“Yeah it is”
“You have a boyfriend?! How come I didn’t get to meet him yet?! Did your cousin get to meet him BEFORE me?!”
“No, not exactly a boyfriend, Mom.”
“Why do you have birth control then?”
“Helps with acne”
“You haven’t had acne since you were 22”
“It came back but it’s gone again now”
“If I find out you have a boyfriend, I better be getting grandkids when you’re married!”
“Mom! There is NO boyfriend!”
Once a mom always a mom I guess. She even brought it back up in the car, it was as if she was more offended that I might not give her grandchildren than she was that I might be sleeping around. The stupidest thing is that I feel like I got in trouble, I still feel like I’m that teenager who usually does what the parents say. She’s mom and one of my best friends, how does she always manage to balance those 2 roles?

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