I’ve heard of dieting plateaus, but up until 3 weeks ago things were going great. I’ve lost 120 pounds and my body showed no signs of stopping…until this plateau just blindsided me and halted everything.
I know that plateaus shouldn’t be seen as this awful thing, it means your body is trying to stabilize itself from the dramatic weight loss/gain you’ve done. I was patient, I’ve let my body adjust for 3 weeks, now lets get back to weight loss. I know 120 pounds sounds like a lot, I’m not saying it isn’t. I just think it’s strange that after shedding that much in 8 months that my body just decided to halt the line and take a vacation.
I’ve tried everything I know of so far. I cut back my calories to 1300 total a day, I jog 2 hours 5 times a week along with lifting weights daily and I spend 2 hours on an elliptical machine every other day. Not an ounce comes off me anymore!
Help me, give me advice. What do you to when you want to drop some weight? Do you have any weird mixtures or foods that work for you? Have you ever had to break a weight loss plateau? I’m seriously out of ideas, should I workout even longer? Should I drop my calories down even less? What would you do?

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