Voting days and men

Dear Men,
I love all of you! Your species is incredible and you never cease to keep my attention. I also love it when you show me attention…however there are times when you hitting on me is not acceptable. Voting days are one of them, I have issues and candidates on my mind and would prefer it if you back off, just for these days. You might be thinking why. Here, let me show you dialogue from my day.
Guy:”Hey there cutie, are you here to vote?”
Me:”Nope, I voted earlier, this isn’t my polling place I’m just here to work out.”
Guy:”You don’t look like you need to, you should hang out here with me.”
Me:”I’ll pass thanks, the indoor track beckons me.”
Guy:”Awesome, have a fun workout. See you later.”
***About an hour later***
Same guy:”Hey! I missed you! How was your workout?”
Me:”It was great, I bathed myself in sweat.”
Guy:”Looks like you had fun, at least you still smell nice.”
Me:”Umm thanks”(polite smile)
Guy:”I play frisbee golf on the weekends, you ever hear of it? It gets me pumped.”
Me:”Nope, doesn’t sound like my thing, I’m a runner.”
Guy:”You should join me! I’d love someone new to play with! Do you have a number?”
Guy: “Haha you’re cute, your phone number. What is it?”
Me:”Unavailable, I gotta go, have fun electioneering.”
Guy: “I didn’t get your name!”
Me: “I didn’t give it”
Guy:”Maybe I’ll see you around sometime. I live in Ballwin too! Don’t forget me!”
Me:”We’ll see!”
Pardon the long dialogue, but as you can see it was a bit creepy and I just want to be left alone when I’m in workout clothes and smelling like sweat. Plus I had already voted so I can’t help you anymore. I still love you all and appreciate the attempts at conversation you make. Males are sexy creatures, just don’t do anything like Mr. Creeper did. It comes off as scary and makes me want to relocate. That is all, hugs for everyone!
Love and Kisses,

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2 Responses to Voting days and men

  1. Oh man! My read on that is that he gave up on the electioneering after about .425 seconds. The guy pulled the frisbee golf card! That sounds like a very cute interaction that had very little to do with voting day. I would have given him the number. But then again, what do I know. Girls don’t do stuff like that to me. šŸ™‚

  2. loveacs says:

    I still am not sure what frisbee golf is, it sounds like something he made up.
    True, it only had to do with voting day because he was advertising for his candidate outside of the polling place/my gym. I could change the title of the post if it irritates you that much šŸ˜› If you want, I’ll take down your number and give it to him if I ever see him again. Then he can call you and play the frisbee golf card and you can swoon or whatever it is I was supposed to do lol. If he would have asked for a different number I would have given it to him. Age, number of laps I jogged, amount of water I chugged, even my shoe size, I just didn’t want him to possibly call me. Aww I’m surprised they don’t, you’re very charming and so sweet for checking up on my blog!

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