The Entertainer

In general, I like to think I’m a pretty funny and entertaining person. I make children laugh frequently and they usually think my ideas for playtime are fun. Yesterday, I discovered that while children find me amusing, adults may not.
Yesterday at work, I had gotten there early and my co-worker/sister was there as well. She said that she was bored and asked me to entertain her. I figured I should start with the knock knock jokes that the children love so much.
“Who’s there?”
“Orange who?”
“Knock knock”…….Yeah I’m sure everyone knows that one, but I messed it up so when the punch line came my loving sister so kindly corrected me. I ended up being the only one laughing from my joke mishap, and she ended up laughing b/c when I was laughing I lost my balance on the kiddy chair and almost fell out of it. I moved on to the interrupting cow, interrupting starfish, swallowed my gum, and boo-hoo knock-knock jokes. At this point, the 18 year old sister asked me if these really make children laugh and wanted to know more of my jokes, but she was tired of my awful knock-knocks.
I moved on to basic jokes that I know. I should mention that all of the jokes I know are “clean” Working with children for 12 years makes that happen, so my joke repertoire isn’t very big. “Why was 6 afraid of 7”? I got excited b/c children LOVE this one and it instantly makes me cool in their eyes. Sister rolled her eyes and said “that one is SO old, because 7 ate 9.” I ended up laughing at it and then explaining why it’s funny and then she said “MOVE ON, next joke”. I had one more in my head….the chicken crossing the road. The only problem is that I stick with the original answer, I have no creative response. She’s a creative girl though, so I figured she’s never guess the original answer. I asked, she glared at me behind her glasses and said “since you’re the one who asked it, I’m guessing it’s to get to the other side.” I sheepishly looked down and told her she’s good at jokes. After this she told me to forget it, and she should have known better then to ask for entertainment from someone who is fascinated by the Kay motto(Every kiss begins with Kay. I love that, the whole K and kiss thing is creative, gets me every time. I’m a simple creature lol).
Do you have any great jokes that make people smile? It can be clean or dirty! I’d love to have some new “clean” ones, but having some for adults wouldn’t hurt. Would my awful attempts at jokes have made you smile?

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