Hidden Talent: Children

Have you ever been out and about and heard the piercing scream of a baby? It’s jarring, it makes your ears ring and your heart pound. You just want someone to make the baby be quiet. The parent(s) are trying, but baby still isn’t happy. Along comes a nice looking stranger, who smiles at the baby, and like magic the baby is content.
I don’t know how or why, but I have that ability. Babies and children are drawn to me and I’m not sure why. I don’t look like their parents, nor do I resemble any cartoon character they might be fond of. I’m loved at work, especially when new children come in screaming. I can gain their trust and become their best friend in 5 minutes or less(yes, I’ve been timed). Parents sometimes tell me that “Johnny has never been away from me, it’s okay if you can’t settle him down.” I can almost guarantee you that if you give me 5 minutes tops with Johnny, I’ll have him singing songs with me and giving me a run down of his morning. Some children actually cry when their parents come to pick them up because it means they are leaving me. Today, I had a baby who crawled away from her dad when he arrived to take her home. I also had triplets, 2 of which hid under the table, and just stood his ground and said he didn’t want to leave. Sometimes I feel bad for sending the parents off with crying children, but at least I know I gave them a good time when they were under my care. My supervisor calls being good with children a hidden talent I have, and the worst part is that I have no idea how I do it. Is this even a useful hidden talent?

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