Happiness: Freshly Dried Laundry

I’m probably going to come off as sounding odd for this post, but it brings me oodles of happiness so I’m going to say it anyway. I love freshly dried laundry. When I’m available and the buzzer sounds on the dryer, I run downstairs, yank open the door and am greeted by the warmth of the clothes that have just finished drying. It’s beautiful to feel, and even more beautiful if you plan on putting the garment on soon before the warmth goes away. The smell is divine as I inhale deeply through my nose and gives the feeling that everything is wonderful in the world, if only for a brief second. It’s the same for towels. Sometimes, I deliberately plan my shower around the time when the dryer’s cycle is going, so then I can run down there wet and naked and be greeted by the warm fluffy towel that has just finished. I love doing laundry (which makes the house happy) and sometimes I get disappointed if someone has gotten to it before me, because then I miss out on that warm sensation.

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