Fear: Bathtubs

Let me start by saying that I’m a fan of hygiene, I shower daily and love smelling and feeling fresh and clean. However, if I have to either use the bathtub or wait X amount of time for the shower, I can guarantee you I’m willing to wait forever for the shower. I had baths when I was little, and when I was a teen and had a stressful day I’d even soak in the tub. Bathtubs are kind of gross if you think about them.

What's lurking in there? I don't want to know!

You sit there, and instead of your body’s oils and skin flakes going down the drain, they are sitting there with you in the water. Half the point of getting in the tub in the first place is to be clean, how clean are you really getting? When you add that to other people’s left over body oils and whatever else, it’s like a party for germs, ewww! Not to mention, why does a white bath tub eventually turn yellowish? Imagine the germs and bacteria there, and I’m expected to want to sit in it? Absolutely not. I’ll keep my showers and my fear of bathtubs.

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2 Responses to Fear: Bathtubs

  1. Sweet! I just found your blog. Glad I dug around a bit.

    I know what you’re saying … but c’mon. How sweet was sitting in a bubblebath when you were a kid/last year/yesterday? As long as I take a shower afterward (which I never did when I was little), I’m all for the 15-minute soak.

    • loveacs says:

      Nice job finding it, you’re going to make 4 people jealous since they are still looking for it lol.
      It was fun when I was younger, but now I just can’t get past the germs. I do miss the bubbles, they were the only reason I’d get in when I was a child.

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