Happiness: Old Spice

Today on my morning jog at the gym, my nose came across the most wonderful smell. It was refreshing, manly, and made me focus my attention on finding it. I jogged a little faster and there it was, coming from the man jogging up ahead. I got nosy and jogged up along side of him. “Excuse me, but what is that scent you’re wearing? It smells nice”. He smiled and answered “It’s Old Spice, glad you like it.” In my previous relationships, the males have always worn something dangerous, like Tommy Hilfiger or a version of Axe, both of which clog my nose and trigger the gag reflex. I would always just deal with it because I didn’t know there was something amazing out there for men, but no more. It’s Old Spice (just thinking about the smell makes me want to do something naughty) on a man for me now, there will be no exceptions. I should go buy some and spray my bed with it, mmm Old Spice, absolutely heavenly. Are you a male who wears Old Spice? Are you single? Do you want to no longer be single? Hehe kidding kidding! But major props to you for smelling delicious, those Axe wearing men have nothing on you 🙂

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