For the love of Mollie

I know I’ve mentioned that I have a cat in a few posts…okay maybe more like every other one since I’m practically obsessed with Gypsy. My dog, Mollie, who I also love dearly gets mentioned a lot less. She is 120 something pounds of bouncing energy, a big, black lab/ border collie mix who makes life interesting. I swear and promise I’m not some mean dog owner, Mollie gets loved on frequently depending what part of the house I’m in. Did that last sentence make you wonder why it depends on what part of the house I’m in? Get comfy, I’m going to share with you what Mollie did and why she’s banned from the bedroom hallway.  A couple years ago, Mollie picked up a fear of wind. It literally just showed up out of nowhere, weirdest thing. When Mollie got scared, she started clawing at things. She clawed open drawers, cabinets, books and DVDs off of shelves, she would close and lock herself in rooms, she would go berzerk, completely off her rocker! The wind got really bad once when everyone was away from home, and by the time we got back the damage had already been done.

Claw marks on my door, looks like a scene from a zombie movie.

Mollie had gotten scared and in this particular incident she had ripped the phone out of the wall, recorded herself whimpering and crying on the answering machine, opened 4 kitchen cabinets, rearranged the dining room chairs, closed and locked herself in the master bathroom, jumped up on the counter, urinated in the sink and turned on the water. There was also blood smeared everywhere and bloody paw prints down the hall. After we disinfected and bandaged up her paws, we investigated where the blood would have come from, which didn’t take long.

Poor door 😦

My bedroom door was the major victim in this episode of insanity. The door was the clear loser, but it didn’t go down without a fight since Mollie walked away with wounds. There was wood chunks all down the hall and bloody streaks all over my door. Everything has been cleaned up since then, but I still haven’t replaced my door. It’s actually not a high priority because Mollie isn’t allowed down the bedroom hallway anymore.The day after the incident, we put in a baby gate to divide up the bedrooms from the dog. It’s working for now, but Mollie is smart and checks to make sure the gate is secure.

Problem solved, whew!

She nudges it or sometimes gives it a nibble to see if someone forgot to lock it.I love Mollie and wouldn’t trade her for any other dog. Does she frustrate me sometimes? Yes. Do I get tired of having to give her medication 3 times a day? Absolutely, especially when it’s one of those days when she spits them out and I find them later. Side note: Mollie is on Prozac(2x/day), Ritalin, 3 tranquilizer pills/day, and one pill for anxiety. Her pilling schedule is sometimes hard to remember, but I do it because I know it helps her function properly. Unfortunately there isn’t a magic pill for her fear of wind, so when the winds come, everyone in the house is used to not sleeping very well that night due to Mollie’s crying and destroying things in the home. Why don’t we put her in a kennel/crate? When we do, she gets even more nervous, wets herself, and ends up eating her own #2 or even worse, flinging it out of the kennel and onto furniture and floor.

Mollie trying to clean Gypsy. Eww, dog slobber!

She’s a sweet dog when she has her pills, and she’s a great jogging buddy. I consider her part of the household and I try to accept her for her faults, just like I would a human being. I’m almost certain that if she had different owners, they would have beat her or maybe worse because of her actions. Now it’s your turn, I want to know about your pets. Do you have a pet that you love dearly, in spite of their imperfections? If you had a pet like Mollie, would you be tempted to get rid of her? Would you have kept her and learned how to deal with her issues? Do you think your pet(s) appreciate you for the things you do? I’m not sure if Mollie does, or even notices the little things I try to do for her, but I like to think she’s happy and mostly healthy. That’s enough of a “thank you” for me, she helps keep me on my toes, and my days are never dull having her in them. She might be a huge, crazy dog, but she’s the only huge, crazy dog that has my heart. I couldn’t imagine life without her.

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