How much does a man cost?

In today’s world, it seems like everything has a monetary price. Today I was looking online to find a website from years ago about a man who was willing to pay $35,000 to anyone who could help him find a wife. I actually wanted to see if he had found anyone since this was about 5 or more years ago. I wasn’t able to locate it, but I did find a similar type of story. The link is here just in case you want to check it out, I find it interesting. Apparently even people and dating have prices on them now. I truly hope he finds someone wonderful and not after the money, but I’m sure some women would jump at the chance just because of the money. If a women can be persuaded or bought for $35,000, then what’s the cost of a man? If I were to offer money to the internet world to help me find a decent man, how much do you think he would cost? Would the relationship be truthful, or would I always secretly wonder if he was with me only for the money? It’s so absurd for me to be thinking of this, and actually it’s a bit odd that this gentleman felt the need to basically pay for someone to be with him. I have paid for many dates so I guess just offering X amount of money for a relationship or marriage wouldn’t be so far off. Some people pay money for intimate activities as well, which I guess would be the step down from the paying for marriage idea. If you think about those mail-order bride services, those are also based on the idea of paying X amount of money for a wife. How much would you charge someone to date or marry you? How much do you think a male would cost in today’s market? Do people fall in love anymore, or is money the underlying culprit in society today?

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2 Responses to How much does a man cost?

  1. The thought of equating love and money does seem ridiculous at first glance, but then again I have (and am currently) using an online dating service that I’ve paid for.

    And I don’t know about you, but I would never marry someone for $35,000. I don’t know what/if the price would be, but that number strikes me as way too low. The 35g would be nice, but…a potentially lousy marriage, I think, wouldn’t be nearly worth it.

    People fall in love. I will believe that to my death.

  2. loveacs says:

    I think you using the dating service is a little different. I’ve paid for dating services as well, but by doing that, you’re paying for access to many different women. The women don’t even have a chance at claiming that money since it’s a paid service.
    I wouldn’t marry someone for that amount, or for money in general. I thought it was a bit sad that this man felt the need to bribe women with money instead of being confident enough in himself to attract someone who likes him for his non-monetary assets.

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