Pet Peeve: Balls

Have you ever been somewhere public, minding your own business, when along comes someone randomly dribbling/bouncing/balancing/kicking a ball of a chosen sport? Today at the gym, a girl who had just finished playing volleyball on the court came out and was bouncing the ball on her arms and fists, badly I might add. I can’t stand that, if you’re not actually playing the game at the moment, then hold the dang ball. I get nervous that they’re going to lose control of it and guess who is going to get hurt? ME that’s who. That’s awesome that you love soccer, basketball, volleyball, kickball, etc. but for the love of butter and cheese hold the ball! I’m not into physical contact with the ball of your choosing. You practice on the field, on the court, in your own domain, not in public places with people who get nervous about balls. If you still have some extra energy to practice your skills or lack thereof, then go back to the game’s setting and work it all out. I’m not out there jogging circles around you to practice my skills, therefore you need to be aware of people around you as well and keep your balls to yourself.

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