Pet Peeve: Thermostat

I realize it’s summer so most people would prefer to keep their houses cool. How cold is too cold? For me, 70 makes me feel like a live in a fridge. My number is definitely 77-80, today was glorious because for 4 hours the house was set just for me(I live with 3 other people and majority says 70), to my liking. It irritates the mess out of me how I have to walk around the house with a blanket wrapped around me most of the time and use 2 blankets to sleep under at night. Why can’t I have one day of the week when I am the thermostat controller? It makes me gasp sometimes when I come into the house from outside and I’m greeted with this rush of chilling air. Not to mention these people also have the fans in every room going! What’s the deal?! Are you trying to expand on the freezer or what? Sometimes I dread coming home because I know I’m going to get goosebumps and go running for a blanket. What’s your ideal temperature? Do you have thermostat wars too?

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