After Dinner Discussion

I just got back from a dinner party, so excuse me if this post isn’t of the highest caliber, I’m quite tired but wanted to get my thoughts out before I go to sleep and lose them all. The dinner party consisted of my friends and their husbands/wives, I was the only single one there which actually doesn’t bother me. The dinner parties are pretty entertaining, and I love the after dinner conversations. This evening as I was making my rounds into the different social circles, I stumbled upon some interesting topics that I’d like to share with you. The question was something along the lines of “If you had to choose between your spouse and your child(if you have one), which would you choose and which would die? Everyone said they would choose the child, and their spouse was actually okay with it and saw their reasoning. I disagree with this completely. I would never choose my child over my spouse(if I had one). Am I a child-hater? No, I love children. Am I just cruel? Nope. My reasoning for my opinion that made everyone gasp? I married my husband because I love him and want to be with him for the rest of my life, I see children as an extension of that love. My husband and I could always have or adopt more children, but there’s only ONE of him. He’s part of the reason I’d even have children to begin with, so why wouldn’t you chose your spouse? After I was banished from that circle, I wandered into another group of friends and they were discussing how complete they feel since they’ve gotten married. Silly me, I chuckled and said “It sounds like you’re saying your spouse is a part of you that was missing.” No one else laughed and my friend said that’s exactly what she means. Pardon me, but that’s just ridiculous. Everyone is a complete person, it’s not like you have to find someone or else you’ll always be missing something. To me, when you date or marry someone, it’s because that person adds something to your already complete self. Maybe you’re both silly, and when you’re around that person it’s non-stop laughs. You’ve always had that sense of humor though, so you’re not incomplete and therefore I cringe when someone says “He/She completes me.” Looking back now, my opinions to topics such as this are probably why I’m single and not actively looking. I’m not anti-relationship or anything crazy, if someone comes along who just blows me away then of course I’d date them seriously…I’m just picky I guess. I’d like to know what everyone thinks regarding those 2 topics. How would you answer and why?

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