Creature of Habit

I keep hearing how humans as a whole are “creatures of habit.” People frequent the same places, see the same people, etc. Aside from my job and when I was in college, I always liked to think of myself as an exception to the rule. I don’t see the same people all the time, I try new places, new experiences, my days don’t look the same…or so I thought until today. It just hit me that even though my days aren’t exactly the same, there is many things in them that are unchanging. I wake up at 7:30am on the dot without an alarm, I head to the gym around 8am and leave by noon, I come home and hang up my keys and purse on their hooks and don’t give the dog attention until she settles down. Next I’m off to find Gypsy and ask her how her day is going and tell her how beautiful she is. I grab street clothes and take a shower. My lunch is shortly after and consists of the same ingredients: something raw and green(celery, lettuce, spinach, green peppers), a lean protein(tuna, turkey), and 30oz of water. It’s not until about 2 in the afternoon that my day changes, and this greatly disturbs me. When did I become okay with routines? The worst thing is that when I think about changing it up, you know like going to the gym in the evening for example, I find excuses for me not to. Have you become a creature of habit like me? Do you enjoy it? I won’t go so far as to say I enjoy surprises, I can’t stand them but a little change to my routine would be great. How do you “make things interesting” in your day?

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