Gypsy is a racist?

So today I went onto Gypsy’s Myspace account and in her Inbox, along with random letters from her 4 legged friends, there was a letter from a 2 legged man. He ripped Gypsy and her mother(me) a new you-know-what because of her name! He called me a racist and said that I shouldn’t name my cat a racial slur and “how would you like it if I named my pet Cracker?” I see nothing wrong with naming a cat Cracker, if your cats enjoys them. I certainly am not offended by a light, crispy snack. It’s not like I named my cat “Lil Bastard” or even “Blackie”. This man wasn’t even of the gypsy culture or background, he identifies himself as Caucasian and lives in Alabama apparently. I don’t see gypsies or anyone else for that matter in a negative way, and when I named my cat the goal wasn’t to offend anyone. I actually see gypsies as free and adventurous, willing to go out and live life they way choose to. I saw that in my cat and hence named her Gypsy. What about you? How did you come up with your pet(s) names? Do people often accuse your pet of being a racist? Does someone naming their cat Gypsy offend you? Lets take a poll.

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