Pet Resemblance

My friend recently got a dog and said that she chose it because it reminded her of herself. She claimed that this dog looked like her and because of that, it was meant to be. I jokingly told her it sounded like she was choosing a boyfriend and she said the same applies to dating as well. I thought this idea was ridiculous and went home and decided to research it. According to this article, it’s not that far off from the truth. People are more drawn to pets(especially dogs) that resemble themselves, and apparently that is also sometimes the case in relationships(does that mean people want to date their twin? creepy). I do have a dog, but I don’t claim her as mine. My cat on the other hand is my baby, I personally chose her when she was just a kitten and we’ve been together ever since. I took a quick shot of my face against my beautiful cat just to see if I happened to resemble her. I don’t see resemblance at all, but if you do then please tell me. Do you look like your pet? How about your significant other? Do you find yourself selecting mates who resemble you in some way?

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