Pet Peeve: Social Networking Pictures

I’m going to start doing random pet peeves that I have, a blogger that I respect does them and I enjoy reading them so I figured I might enjoy blogging them as well. They aren’t huge entries, just smaller quick reads.

Pet peeve of the day: Having your boyfriend/girlfriend in a picture with you as your profile picture on any social networking site. It’s YOUR profile, it’s not “Anna and Bill’s”, you 2 don’t share that profile so keep the main picture strictly one of you only. Under your picture tab or whatever, go nuts with pictures of you 2 kissing or grabbing or together. When I’m looking at a friend’s main page, the last thing I want to see is them sucking face with their significant other. Yes, it’s precious and that’s fantastic you’re so into each other, but geez, save it for the gallery of photos or the albums or whatnot. Just because you’re in a relationship it doesn’t mean you have to lose your individual identity and become a “we”. Be your own person! Have your own profile! 🙂

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