Driving Lessons

In the fall, my younger sister will be entering into college and the family couldn’t be more proud. There is one minor issue with this though. My sister doesn’t have her driver’s license. Her campus is about 20 minutes away from my parent’s house, so there is no need for her to live on campus. Driving is the logical answer for her. There is only 2 people that I know of who weren’t chomping at the bit to get their licenses when they were 16…my sister and myself. My mother had to literally force me to practice and get in driving experience. I scared my father, so he refused to take me out in the car…my sister scared him as well. Was anyone else like that? Did you just not care about getting your license?  Everything is great now I promise you, and I have no problem driving whatsoever. Since my parents are both busy, I have been selected to teach my sister how to drive.
It’s going okay considering she hasn’t been behind the wheel since she first got the permit 3 years ago. Yes my car is big and I’m quite fond of it so whenever she cuts turns short or comes close to curbs I get nervous, but at least she is getting practice with turning the wheel. The driving lessons are improving, but I’m getting nervous about taking her out onto the highway, driving at night, and even changing lanes. She refuses to look into her mirrors, which scares me half to death and when I quiz her by asking “what color is the car in your rearview mirror?” she replies “don’t know don’t care.” I want to be a good sister, but I don’t know how I can get her all trained and go over parallel parking without having a panic attack. I wish I could remember my driving experiences with my parents(driver’s ed was a bad time for me) and then maybe I would appreciate the situation more. The deadline for my sister to get her license is August 1st, wish her and I luck!

UPDATE: This was originally written on 6/26/10, and as of 7/21/10 my sister is an official licensed driver! She passed her test, YAY! CONGRATS TO HER!!

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