Ding Dong

On Friday, I got a new cuckoo clock. It’s stunning and plays Westminster chimes, absolutely beautiful. The only problem with the clock is that it happens to be the same tune as my doorbell. The clock is a little more bell sounding and clearer, but the to untrained ear they sound the same. Enter Mollie…the crazy black monster of a dog who barks at the sound of a leaf blowing. Mollie hasn’t trained her ears yet to distinguish between the 2 sounds, or else she just loves to hear herself bark like some people. Every 15 minutes during the day, when the chimes start to sound, Mollies goes tearing down the hall, stumbling over her own feet to go to the door and bark. This only happens during the day though. At night when the house is dark and I’m in bed and the chimes go off, Mollie could care less about them and doesn’t make any advances toward the front door.
Awhile ago there was a commercial on TV for Domino’s Pizza that was played a lot. I forgot the whole commercial, but at the end there was a line that went “Get the door *ding dong* it’s Domino’s Pizza”. Mollie loved that commercial, she had gotten herself trained to go to the door and “get ready” to bark when the first couple of seconds of the commercial came on when there was just talking about pizza prices and hunger. Eventually the *ding dong* would happen and she would bark at the door…even though the doorbell I had was still Westminster chimes at the time. She would get so confused if I’d be lucky enough to catch the commercial before it was over and mute it. She would glance back at the TV and then at the door like “where is it?!?”. I’m starting to think that Mollie just likes hearing herself bark, what do you think? Is my dog smart and just secretly enjoys scaring the mess out of me? Do you think Mollie just “isn’t the brightest crayon in the box”? Anyone have a similar situation to this? Solutions?

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