Simple Things

Have you ever met someone who was great to talk to and be acquainted with, but the second they start talking relationships they go crazy? They specify things they are wanting and the list goes on and on and you start thinking to yourself that there is no way anyone could possibly live up to all those things. They might say something like they want to marry someone who has a full time job, will have and raise 3 children, and will also cook, clean, mow the lawn, do laundry, have enough energy to have long sexual sessions every night, and be the most active member in the church. I mean those things are fine and dandy, but really? Are you seriously going to not consider having a relationship with someone who doesn’t get around to mowing the lawn? I guess I shouldn’t be talking since I have about 5 things I’m wanting, but in all my life I’ve never had such trivial demands on someone. It’s the simple things that matter to me, ya know? At the end of the day I just want someone to be myself with. Whatever happened to just wanting someone to use as a leg rest while you both read? Why can’t two people in a relationship cook something together? Why can’t someone vacuum while the other dusts? I like simple things, I want the little things. Someone to watch old, rented movies with. Someone to read next to, someone who still gets a kick out of The Office no matter how many times that particular rerun show is on, someone whose little gestures speak volumes to me. Where are the gentlemen who don’t have a mile long list of things that women have to fulfill? Do they not exist anymore? Anyone have any thoughts, opinions, comments on this?

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