Last week, I did a job for someone and they explained they would pay me this week for it. I was fine with this, I’m not in desperate need for money and I enjoy doing freelance/side jobs for my clients when I have the time. I have a set rate that all of the clients are aware of and respect, and it’s the average rate for my job/work. Today the person sent me a check in the mail that was significantly less than what I was owed. They included an explanation and had stated that instead of an hourly rate they had decided to pay me a daily rate instead. I have never discussed a daily rate, or such a huge discount. I was never asked if this was okay. I’m not sure what to do honestly. I’m not upset that I’m out X amount of dollars, I’m more upset that my experience and set rate isn’t being honored. I don’t work for them, I work for myself, I am blessed to have a full time job so this is purely on the side extra income. Should I just accept that this client has a different established rate for me and is no longer okay with my usual rate, or should I refuse to do business with them in the future? Ideas?

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