New Rules?

(My first blog ever, be nice!)

So this weekend, my current favorite person to aggravate is on vacation out of state(VA I think it is). This left me to find other entertainment, so off I went to Craigslist. As odd as it sounds, I’ve met some really nice people on there (including my mentioned favorite victim to pester) and figured a new acquaintance wouldn’t hurt. After talking to a gentleman through email and phone conversation, we agreed to meet up. It wasn’t anything expensive, just coffee at a Barnes and Noble. Things were going great, we both looked like our pictures, there was decent conversation, he “tolerates” cats, all that good stuff. His coffee was getting down to the bottom and I had already finished my smoothie when he asks me “So, your car or mine”? I tilted my head and gave him a confused look,”your car or mine for what”? I have been out of the dating scene for months, I had no idea what he was asking. “Your car or mine for sucking me off or f***ing, your choice” was the answer. Now at this point my eyes were about to bulge out of my head. I asked him if he was kidding but the look on his face told me he was completely serious. “I prefer you sucking me first and if you’re good then we can f**k”. I giggled and said that was a silly joke, playfully adding that I’m not a hooker while mentally making sure it wasn’t April 1st, nope it’s June 4th no jokes today. I glanced at the clock on the wall and made the excuse that I didn’t realize how late it was and that I really needed to go. He walked me out to my car and said “you know, if you suck me good enough I come quickly, so you wouldn’t be late.” I told him that was good to know but that I really had to be on my way. After a quick hug and a dodged kiss I was in my car with the door closed and locked. I had been out of the dating loop since November (worked/working on self improvement, more on that later), but I never dreamed things changed so much since then.

Are there new dating rules? Is this normal for first dates/meetings now? Is sexual activity expected during first dates now? I guess one could argue if he paid for my stuff he could expect it, but in this case he didn’t, I covered my smoothie. When did a hug and a kiss on the cheek go out of style for the first date? What do you expect on a first date?

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4 Responses to New Rules?

  1. OMG. This guy is an idiot. Don’t think for a moment he stands for any cultural dating transformation that you need to get on board with.

    I’m a first date hugger. I did kiss once on the first date, but generally I’m a fan of a more old-fashioned approach. The kiss on the cheek is a nice touch. I can’t say I do that, but it’s a good idea.

  2. loveacs says:

    I wouldn’t have gotten on board with it, even if it’s the new norm. I’m all for fun and naughty, but there’s a time and place for it and the first date definitely isn’t one of those times in my mind.
    I like first date hugs, it’s friendly but doesn’t say I’m going home with you tonight, and it shows that I give awesome hugs 🙂 My first date has to go really well in order for me to kiss on the mouth, if the guy is heading for my lips then he gets my cheek and I might say something like “you have to have something to look forward to next time.”

  3. Yes! Awesome hugs are great.

    Worst first or second date closing moment? I gave a pat on the back. It wasn’t pretty. Not a good date, yet she was waiting around for a kiss, and that was what came out of me. I regretted it as soon as it happened, and once I turned to walk away I cringed.

  4. loveacs says:

    LOL nice! I’m so cruel for laughing, but she must have really not sparked your interest. You shouldn’t have regretted it, if you would have done the kiss then she might have thought things were going great and that you two had something in the future together. The worst I’ve done was a handshake at the end of a date, I felt awful because that evening he called and wanted to make plans to meet up again. Gosh there’s so many hidden meanings to actions, or lack thereof, isn’t there?

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